We can bring your dream to life from under-the-ground up. Whether you want to work with us in developing a design or you have one you want to implement, we can build anything you can imagine. From irrigation, hardscapes, trellises and fencing to lighting, we've got you covered. Take a look through our galleries and Instagram to see the work we do.

The Living Stuff: Gardens, Containers, Raised Bed Edibles



The Hard Stuff: Pavers, Concrete, BBQ Benches


Wood and Metal: Fences, Decks, Trellises, Railings, Stairs


Special Effects: Water Features and Lighting



Irrigation is the foundation of everything that we do. We understand the pressing demands on California's limited water resources in the midst of more frequent droughts. Our responsibility as landscape creators and managers is to increase efficiency of water delivery and to reduce need by using drought tolerant plants and water-absorbing soil amendments. Increasing efficiency includes utilizing drip systems for plantings, MP Rotator nozzles for turf areas and smart timers that communicate with weather stations to automatically adjust watering based on temperature, humidity, wind effect, etc. Our plant palette includes many beautiful species from South America, Australia and Africa which are perfectly suited to our climate. Check out the video owner Linden Nies made with Citrus Heights Water District detailing the use of our favorite smart timer, the Rachio. The slide show includes photos of our drip system installation.