Our goal is to to do our job well enough to make your job easier.

Property managers have a full plate already, and not having to worry about landscape means one less item on their checklist. We can help you with that. Our landscape maintenance team do wonderful work and take pride in the properties we maintain for our clients. Reducing water waste is one of our top priorities.  Our irrigation technicians are well trained and seek out opportunities for water savings which equates into cost savings for our clients. Our owner, Linden Nies, instructs Water Smart Landscape classes for numerous local water providers, so to say we care about water use in landscape, is an understatement! :) We like to educate our clients on the benefits of drought tolerant plantings and how they will benefit from their beautiful, yet not as thirsty, new landscape, with knowledge they are doing a little extra to help our wonderful planet!

If you are looking for landscape improvement, bring us the design you'd like, or let us do the designing for you, you can rest assured we will take care of everything from start to finish. We install INCREDIBLE looking drought tolerant landscapes!

We are fully licensed and insured, we are an equal opportunity employer, and we are very friendly, you will like working with us!

Hope to chat with you soon!

Pete Lisson

916 820-2992


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